Turbo trip

Jacqui was on a tight schedule today so I elected to go to a Bealsey http://www.bespoke-velo.co.uk/ turbo session instead. Richmond Park would have been pretty but cold, and I know I need to get some turbo sessions under my belt to keep up my fitness during this period of eating and merriment. Sorry Jacqui, I missed you.

Lucy hosted five of us. She is pulling her house down soon, so she’s not worried about the sweat puddling on the floor. Which is a good thing, because it did. I can always tell if I have worked hard as the sweat reaches the end of my ponytail. A benefit over my normal spinning class is Bealsey was also watching technique. As I’ve suspected for a long time my hips move too much, my pedal stroke is wrong and I also pedal unevenly, being stronger on my left. Just a few things to fix then…

Came home to maths revision. More sweat.

Note to self: I need to learn to sit still. Haven’t I been told this since I was at school?

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