Cold comfort

Map reference: Box Hill loops from Epsom Downs

Carbs and Caffeine: none. What, how did I allow that to happen?

Husband and I decided to take Big One, aged 12, out for ride, as the others were out this morning. I warned both it would be colder ”out there”, but my warnings fell on deaf ears. Wife/mother voice doesn’t register, particularly at the weekend. Thankfully Big One was wearing a new very warm jacket (which was supposed to be for Christmas). Husband didn’t fare so well, being in short bibs with ‘legs’ and lots of gaps in between. He also had to hand over his shoe covers to his son at the top of Box Hill as the boy was blue. So I would say it was 50/50 his fault that he never warmed up during the hour and a half ride. He says it’s my fault for riding so slowly. Happy families…

Note to self: try speaking in a lower voice and see if that gets more attention

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  1. Mr jamiewheels what were you thinking -no tights!
    Mrs J – his problem not yours.
    Boy wonder – well done you.
    Thank you for swapping gloves the other day my friend. Will add warmer gloves to Santa list.

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