Musette munchies

There are far too many foody blogs out there for me to feel I can possibly compete in the kitchen arena, but here are a few of my home cooked favourites for the musette.

Cheaty Apple Oaties

I was reading a recipe that involved peeling, coring, slicing and cooking Bramley apples with sugar when I had a eureka moment that this was of course… making apple sauce. So do yourself a favour and buy a jar of apple sauce; large jars available in cheaper supermarkets.

Put your apple sauce in a bowl. Mix in enough porridge oats to look stodgy. Add a little salt and some baking powder and cinnamon. Cook in a lowish oven (160) until it looks right.

One time I bought dates (stoned and pressed into a block, I had no idea you could get them like this) and put a slice of date between two layers of apple-oaty mix and that worked really well.

Cheaty Lemony Oaties

You guessed it, take a jar of lemon curd, mix it with porridge oats until it looks right, add a little salt and some baking powder. Cook. Put your feet up. The kids love these.

I’m sure the variations of mixing oats with sugary things and a little baking powder are endless… and unlike real flapjacks the fat content is much much lower, and the sugar content too.

Nice Rice riding cakes (try saying three times quickly)

My all time favourite ride food. Part of my mental preparation for a big ride is getting these ready the night before. This is a complete rip-off the Sky Team recipe, the Rapha recipe and many others that you can find on the internet. But here it is anyway

500g short grain rice (Arborio, pudding or I used sushi). Don’t wash

Cook with 1 litre of water, 2 tablespoons sugar, cinnamon and/or vanilla and I suggest a little salt, for about 20 mins.

Leave to rest for 5 mins.

Add 2 tablespoons coconut oil and 250g cream cheese (or choc philly)

Spread into baking tray lines with lots of clingfilm, so you can fold it all the way over when hot to make sterile parcel.

Put in fridge overnight, then cut up and wrap in foil, or special foil parchment (Bacofoil do one, and Lakeland has it) it you want to be grand.

I usually make this in half quantities as Husband doesn’t like them.

Keeps for three days, at least, they say.

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