Home front

Map reference: home

Carbs and caffeine: the fridge

I may not have posted since Thursday but I have not been idle. You can pretty much assume that I do one of Beastly Beasley’s turbos if nothing else is mentioned. I have three to choose from. They are all painful, but I am very bloody minded and once I get on the bike I push myself quite hard. I’m glad the neighbours can’t see me; solo effort looks quite comical, like you’re having a battle with yourself.

On Saturday, Husband and I also did a Functional Fitness class, with Jay, a curiously quiet and serious bodybuilder. I don’t know for sure he’s a bodybuilder, but that’s what his physique tells me. I know he competes in something, but he won’t say what. And although he dresses soberly for our class, I have seen him wearing extraordinary outfits to the junior boxing class. Is that a bodybuilding thing, or am I stuck in the Seventies?

The exception to the ‘every day rule’ was yesterday, when I stood and shivered at a rugby tournament for four hours. I wonder if shivering works the twitch muscle I keep hearing about http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/anatomyandphysiology/a/MuscleFiberType.htm. Either way it was a test of endurance and drained me of any energy (and time) to get on the bike. Mind you, I wasn’t as drained as our team of Under 11s who had to face very strong opposition, with some of the players about a foot taller and much, much broader. Our team looked positively undernourished, but battled on regardless. No they did not win – no Hollywood ending then – but, boy, we were proud.

Note to self: you need a warmer coat

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