Back to the Nest


Map reference: Walk in the frost at Ripley, followed by spin at home

Carbs and Caffeine: The Nest, Ripley

Above you see a picture of Newark Priory in the frost. It was -3 degrees and that is why I was not out riding. I don’t know whether you can see the frost, but I promise you the air was crisp and the puddles were frozen. My friend’s dogs skittered across the icy patches and we three muffled humans picked our way round them, with the air freezing our faces. Apparently there is a 6am service held in the ruins of the priory at Easter every year. I do hope, for the parishioners’ sake, it warms up by then.

Anyway, thank heavens for the excellent coffee and cake options of the Nest. Having indulged in these options, I then fled home for a guilty spin to work off the ginger cake. I didn’t follow a set programme but spent most of an hour standing, and that will have to do for today.
Note to self: You are going to have to be very organised to squeeze in a one-hour turbo session tomorrow morning

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