Stranger on the hill

Map reference: Wimbledon to Box Hill and back, as straight as possible

Carbs and Caffeine: Cafe Bean, Ashtead

It was very, very cold. Jacqui and I swapped gloves after ten minutes, it was that or I would lose my riding partner. After that we were both reasonably comfortable, in a hunched shoulders sort of way. Shortly after Epsom we picked up a man who was lost. He was a stranger in the area, on a borrowed bike, and wanted directions to the Epsom Downs. Short of sending him back the way he had come, I couldn’t really think of the best way so I suggested he join us if he wasn’t in a rush. So he did. Down the back of Box Hill, up the zigzag and we left him near Ashtead heading to Langley Vale, some hour or so later.

Now what other sport with give you that kind of opportunity, to meet a new person and travel with them a little way? His name was Chris and he was over 65, I know no more…

Note to self: Eek, must book chunnel tickets or we won’t be going skiing

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